8 Nov 2011

How Spiffing... We're holding a **15% OFF SALE**

We are pleased to announce we are holding a '15% off' sale on our Etsy shop!

Here are some of the garments included in this fantastic offer....

***DRESSES ***

So go on, take a look, you might find something lovely to wear...

7 Jan 2011

Where We Have Featured So Far...

30th Dec 2009 on the 'I Love Etsy' blog.

5th September 2010 on the '1940s for You' Etsy treasury.

16th September 2010 on the 'Bitty' Etsy treasury.

21st September 2010 on the 'Misty Moisty Morning' Etsy treasury.

23rd September 2010 on the '...And Sailed By The Light of The Harvest Moon' Etsy treasury.

4th October 2010 on the 'Katharine Hepburn' Etsy treasury.

11th October 2010 on the 'My Red Checkered Past' Etsy treasury.

Remembrance Day Special...
11th November 2010 on the 'To Those Who Serve and Those Who Wait' Etsy treasury.

23rd November 2010 on the 'A Pinch of Woodland Holiday Cheer' Etsy treasury.

23rd November 2010 on the 'Jolly Red Cheer' Etsy treasury.

4th December 2010 on the 'Head to Toe Holidays' Etsy treasury.

17th December 2010 on the 'Stay Ahead of the Curve' Etsy treasury.

23rd December 2010 on the 'My Favourites Are Up For Adoption' Etsy treasury.

6th January 2011 on the 'Spring Fashion' Etsy Treasury.

6 May 2010

Don't cha wish your snood was hot like mine!

Hello, It's Hannah here checking in...
I'm getting addicted to the forties hair styles I have been trying and now I'm finding it hard to leave the house with out a victory roll or two!
The best bit is using a snood (mine is a brown one from the one and only 'Forties Frocks') to finish the look when I don't have time to roll my hair.
Even when people don't know the story behind my hairstyle, or the era it comes from, I get rave reviews! In the words of my supervisor at work, "Ooh Hannah, I love the big curl!" (He was referring to the large victory roll in my fringe!) You can get one just like mine at Forties Frocks!
Ciao darlings! xx

9 Apr 2010

Sur la tĂȘte

In a previous post I told you about the working girls during the second world war and the use of snoods to keep their hair safe at work but still look glamorous! We recreated these in an array of colours and they are stunning!
So... how are we expanding further on this? Hats, that's how! We have three to start with... all in the 'Lucille' style in different variations, and they're available on our Etsy store of course!

8 Apr 2010

Ida is Back...

We first created the 'Ida' swing pants last September in red and we think they look sensational!
They are perfect as day wear with a casual blouse and sandals, or as evening wear with a blouse and some sexy peep-toe shoes, finished off with victory rolls in your hair with a flower or hat.
They now come in a range of colours, red, brown, grey, racing green, maroon, navy and black in UK sizes 6 – 22. Prices start from $75.
Here are some ready to wear or contact us for a custom version..

Ciaou for now xx

16 Mar 2010

Meet Marilyn

We have a new dress style to show you called Marilyn, ooh isn't she gorgeous?
This one here is made from two-tone purple polyester in a UK size 16. She's perfect for a swinging 1940s evening!
You can buy her from our Etsy shop, or if you want another colour or size, let us know! We'd be happy to oblige!
Ciaou for now!

15 Mar 2010

Big Girl's Blouses...

So my hard work has paid off and I have two lovely 'Lily' style blouses to show for it! They are both made from the same pattern. One is in grey paisley and the other in a floral pattern and you can see just how different they can look in a different material!

They are available at my Etsy Shop, hope you like them!

11 Mar 2010

Working Hard... of course!

Today I've been working hard on two 'Lily' style blouses. One in grey paisley and one in a floral print. I will be posting pictures for the etsy shop and I will post them on the Blog as soon as possible.
Also on Tuesday I was very happy that our second 'Bon Voyage' bag sold. It's jetting off to the USA as I speak!
One more thing to add. Would all of you vintage fanatics want to come and join Vintage Network Worldwide? "The network for all things vintage and retro". Can't wait to see you there!
Ciaou for now xx

1 Mar 2010

Another 'Bon Voyage'...

I promised you another bag and here it is!
Handmade from the same materials as the previously sold 'Bon Voyage' bag but in it's own unique shape. You won't find another like it!
Perfect with vintage or faux-vintage fashion, and todays fashion!
Don't miss out! Snap it up here!

Ciaou for now darlings!

26 Feb 2010

Bon Voyage

I finished creating this beautiful 'Bon Voyage' bag a few days ago and I can't believe it sold within two hours of posting on Etsy!
Many thanks to 'dylsmum' for your purchase!
Due to its swift sale, I will be making some more of these in different variations, so watch this space!
They will available on my Etsy Shop!
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